Check in here, check in there

Check in, check in, everywhere

Get your phone and check in quick

But I don’t have a phone to click

Sign the sheet then, it’s right there

I can’t find it anywhere

Every business must display

A way to check in every day

Except if you don’t use a phone

You will find yourself quite alone

Blamed because you cannot pay

For phones to check in the right way

Criticized and under threat

Cos you don’t get the internet

So stay at home and stay away

As you can’t check in any day.

Author’s note: I have no issue with the concept of checking in to help with contact tracing in the case of a COVID outbreak – however, the elderly, disabled and those without technology find this very difficult when the sign in sheets that are supposed to be available for those without smart phones is often difficult to access or not present at all. No one seems to be policing this.

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