Annihilation of a human being

This is how you do it

Step by step, dismantling of a life

Marginalisation first

Age, disability, race

Deny employment

While pretending it’s nothing personal

Remove services

Because who can afford to subsidise the useless

Repossess homes, transport

And sneer at the human rubbish on the street

A job well done


Walking into the fog

It’s a real pea souper

Can’t see a foot in front of my face

Glimpses of possibilities

Murky and unclear

Can’t see the ground on which I’m walking

Might fall off a cliff any moment

Feeling my way like one blind

Living presently

Now is all that matters

Leave the future in the hands

Of One who knows






Looking for peace

In a world that won’t be still

I turn to God

And wait for answers

the lily of the field

allows worry to float away

blown by the wind

beyond sight and thought

Lord, I am not a lily

And I am afraid

Don’t let me fall

Intention and perception

I intended good

You saw evil

You intended humour

I saw hurt


I chatter when I’m nervous

You call me aggressive

I’m hurt by your actions

Only joking, you said

Where do I stand

Up is down and black is white

We speak a different language

You and I


I am tired of translating

I don’t know what you want

Time to say goodbye



Hope reborn

In a field ploughed with scars

I sowed my hopes and dreams

Watered with fear

Fed with pain

I waited.


This field is barren, they said

Nothing will grow here

Your crop is dust

Your dreams are dust

Your hope is dead


In the waxing of a new spring

A single green shoot

I am born again


Living in the darkness

Loving behind the walls of your eyes

An object of scorn from those who could not see

Unable to show how much you care

You knew only one way

You suffered for them

You died for them

You killed for them

You put yourself last

You have accepted their scorn

Accepted their distance

Believing yourself undeserving of love

Will anybody see how you shine in the dark

Will anyone see the scars that you have earned

Will anyone see that you have saved them

Isn’t it time someone saved you?



What He does for us

There is so much our father does for us

And sometimes the most special

Are the little things

The things you didn’t expect

And barely dared to hope for

You didn’t get rained on

The bus came on time

You got the job, made a living, met the One

You were in trouble and He fixed it

You were in pain and He cured it

You were sad and He lifted you up

In this world you will have trouble

But our God can hold your hand

And help you over the rough places



Maybe I’m blind

But I can’t see why

It’s so hard to help people live.

Maybe I’m dumb

But I don’t understand

Why some grab more and more

Why others have less and less.

Maybe I’m deaf

But why can’t I hear

Protests for a better way

That are louder than a whisper

When they should be a roar

Where is our anger?

Don’t whisper for justice

Scream for it.

Don’t ask for permission

Do it

Don’t wait

Do it now




The Well

The well was full, once

Brimming with hope, with love, with empathy

Gifted without measure to any who needed it

But you drank and drank

You drank it dry

with tricks and lies

My well is empty now

Barren and dusty

You stand and scream

Where is your water?

I have nothing left for you


Pools of yellow-white

Splash the straight way down the straight grey

Behind the false light

Gnarled brown skin with grasping fingers

Tangled roots dig deep and dark

Secret growth in nurturing darkness

Striving, conniving, always returning

To Wildness from structure

Crookedness from linearity

Life from plastic death