A happy accident, that’s what they call it

When circumstances and fate align

To make something wonderful

A one-in-a-million chance

That will never come again

I left my home late one night

The time and weather were right

as I happened to look up at a clear sky

with not a cloud to obscure the view

And that’s how I saw a meteor

Not a shooting star

But a real, tumbling ball of fire

passing over my head

It was an extraordinary moment

To see this piece of the universe

Coming to land

On our world

A small piece in the next day’s paper

Mentioned it, just a paragraph

Very small, they said

No harm to anyone

It had landed in the north of our state

Well away from people

It seemed a poor epitaph

For that moment of wonder

I witnessed on a clear night

So long ago

Accidental moments,

Unplanned, unexpected

But so marvellous

Moments of serendipity

in a beautiful world

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