Little twigs in fast-running stream

we are caught in the current

dragged in the wake of the great god Fun

We follow blithely along, drone-like

after movie stars, pubs and clubs, fashion and tv

gossip and nonsense

excitement and games

bread and circuses

So it’s nothing new

pursuing amusement

at the expense of thinking

ready to be diverted

ready to be deceived

All things need balance

with nothing in excess

Work with play

thought with fun

restraint in all things

Feels good to float

along with the flow

but sometimes you have to

put your feet on the ground

and remember there’s more to life

than Ukiyo.

Ukiyo – the floating world. Japanese word referring to attitudes of town-dwellers in the Edo period on Japan. Specifically it referred to living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life by pursuing entertainment.

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