Home to let, and there they are

Another long line of desperate people

Fear and despair on every face

They’ll apply, they’ll all apply,

Doesn’t matter what the place looks like

Doesn’t matter how overpriced the rent

Everyone needs a roof over their head

And so they’ll all apply

The property owners and their agents

Will sift through the files

And discard without a second thought

Anyone who has a low paying job

Pensioners, disabled, unemployed

All in the bin

It’s against the law but hey

Who can prove it

They won’t think about kindness

They won’t think about rights

They certainly won’t think about basic ethics

And they won’t stop to wonder where all the poor people go

When did having a place to live

Stop becoming a right

While the streets fill with homeless

And the lucky turn their heads away

saying these people are drinkers and drug addicts

they are lazy, unemployed

Must have brought it on themselves

There but for the grace of God

Go any one of us

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