‘Have you heard the latest?

I heard it from Sam who heard it from Jill who heard it from Susan

You’ll never believe it but …’

Never found out what I’ll never believe

Because I’m not listening

And the talker is right,

The eavesdropper, the imaginer of scurrilous gossip

I won’t believe it

Maybe if they spoke less

And listened more

Maybe if they kept their mouths firmly closed

I might be more inclined to pay attention

when they did speak

But they talk all day

And all of it nonsense

Half-stories padded out with innuendo and lies

They’re everywhere, the rawgabbits

Spreaders of rumour, harbingers of slander

They set themselves up as the ones in the know

The ones who can tell all the secrets

They know nothing, but that won’t stop anyone

After all, all they need to do is make things up

And who cares who loses, right?

They had their fun

Rawgabbit is a person that gossips in secret about things they have no knowledge about. An English word, but no longer in common use.

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