What have I got to do today?

Dear god, that’s a very long list!

I’ll be rushing about from dawn until night

And I’ll probably go round the twist.

And really, I don’t want to do it

I’m sure things are not quite that dire

I’d like to take this very long list

And throw it right onto the fire

No! said my conscience, quite loudly

You know that these things must get done

Sit down and shut up! I yelled to my conscience

‘cos I just want to have fun.

From morning to night, I put up my feet

And lounged doing little, or none

Watched a movie (or two), surfed the net, read a book

Was lazy, and boy! Was it fun!

A new day dawns, so what should I do?

Oh no! I exclaim with a curse.

I don’t want to do it! It’s really not fair!

Now that damnable list’s gotten worse!

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