As we come to the doorway

It would be easy to falter

We cannot see beyond the threshold

It’s black as the void within

The stone steps are old and worn

Made long ago by forgotten hands

Unkempt ivy overhangs the opening

Limp tendrils twitch a warning in an unknown breeze

No one has come this way for a long time

What lies beyond?

Danger? Death? Ghosts?

Or maybe nothing more exciting than the occasional spider

But it could be a doorway to something new and wonderful

Treasure perhaps, gold and jewels

Or a magic portal to another,alien place

All those who go out determined to discover

Linger a moment on the threshold

And ask if it’s worth it

It’s all ahead of us at this point

Potential futures branching in all directions

We’ll never know if we don’t move forward

Turn back now and we’ll always wonder

So we join hands together, and smile

And step as one into the unknown dark

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