They’ve carted the tree from the deep woods

Tall and strong, lashed onto a cart

And pulled by a team of horses

Into the village, into the square.

They work together, lifting it into place

Securing its base with buttresses and stones

Until it is upright, as sturdy as it stood in the forest

Then the decoration begins

Ladders are brought to reach the very top

Lanterns are hung from branches

garlands and baubles sparkle

All in readiness for the season of goodwill

Until finally the time is here

The people gather round at dusk, as the lamps are lit

The children gasp with wonder

It is a beautiful sight, a miracle brought from heaven

To brighten the lives of mere mortals

Nearby the church bells ring

Light streams through stained glass

To paint colours on the snow

Choirs sing praises to the Lord at Christmas

While the people look up to the star

Shining at the top of the tree

A beacon in the night

To the birth of Our Saviour.

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