Wouldn’t it be fun

to go live in a castle

a real, old, fairy-tale like castle

with high walls and battlements,

and, most importantly,

a moat and a drawbridge!

Wouldn’t it be so good

to come home from all the noise and fuss

cross the drawbridge into your castle

and then, with relish

raise that drawbridge, bring down that portcullis

and know, for a fact

that the world can’t get in.

Then you could climb to the battlements,

and look out over the land around

surveying the world

from behind the safety

of your defences

And, just to really put the icing on the cake

wouldn’t it be great

if you had your own dragon

to defend your castle

with fire if need be

And maybe a crocodile or two

to swim in the moat

Because then

the world only comes in

when you choose

And only those who you love and trust

get to stay

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