Let us speak of beautiful things

Let us look beyond the surface bedlam

to see an ethereal truth

Let us understand the great goodness

in the mysteries of life

Whether it be the wordless power of art and music

Whether it be flowers and trees, waterfalls and mountains

Lakes and rivers and ever-moving oceans

Whether it be the endless stars and a universe of untold mystery

Whether it be the daily, humble delights

to watch a child take her first steps

to watch kittens opening their eyes on a brand new world

to plant seeds and see them grow

to give with joy to our neighbours near and far

and live with kindness, love, and open hands

Let us speak and explain

Let us step up and share

so that those who listen may understand

and in time, share our joy

share our love,

share our comprehension that there is still much

that is good and pure and right, in the world.

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