Does anyone really know

how to dream anymore

do any of us remember what it is

to let our souls fly

into realms of fancy

other worlds and other times

just to say ‘what if’

just for fun

Lock the world out

just for a little while

and go live inside your head

It can be a magical place

a wonderland of beauty

Take a trip down the rabbit hole

to where nothing is impossible

and the only limit

is your own imagination

It’s all about pragmatism now

make a living, try to get by

Do the right thing

and the right thing is whatever

society says it is

which changes all the time

dreaming is for children and losers

Adults don’t waste time on that nonsense

Remember how to be human

how to put aside the daily shoulds and oughts

and take a moment to warm your soul

by the fire of your dreams

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