The future

becomes the present becomes the past

in the blink of an eye

Intention must happen before action

a constant looking to the future

I will cook a meal

I will go for a walk

I will sweep the floor

Reflection comes after

a glance back at the past

I’m glad I did this

I’m sorry I did that

I wish I’d done the other

So you can’t really live in the moment

Not entirely

All of life involves

moving backward and forwards in time

A constant analysis

of what was, what is, what will be

Maybe, now and again

it’s okay to stop

and breathe

it’s okay to put aside

the plans and the actions

and listen to the beating

of your heart

the in and out

of your breath

To be and not to do

To take a moment

to be in the moment

And it passes

and you return to doing

and moving, always moving

backwards and forwards through time

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