Do you love cats? Do you want to watch cats? Here are five Youtube channels that will amply supply you with all your cat viewing needs.

5) Mythicbells

The owner of this channel is a breeder of doll face Persians in USA, now retired. So while you won’t see any current videos of kittens, her channel is amply supplied with videos of past kittens that are completely adorable. Her adult cats are also completely gorgeous, and great fun to watch, while listening to the owner’s often hilarious commentary.

4) Mugumogu

This channel is the home of Maru and his friend Hana, who live in Japan. If you are a cat fanatic you may have heard of Maru, and his fixation with boxes. Most cats like sitting in boxes, of course, but Maru is obsessed. His obsession extends to anything he can climb into, such as bags, bowls etc. Hana is a great offsider to Maru. Her mystified expressions at some of his stranger antics are priceless.

3) Smoothiethecat

Smoothie and her friend Milkshake live in the Netherlands. Smoothie gained internet fame by being voted the most photogenic cat on the internet. She is a tiny, extremely fluffy, orange lady with emerald green eyes. Milkshake is twice her size, twice as fluffy, and is a white fluffy gentle boy. You can enjoy both of these kitties playing and exploring their domain. Milkshake is a big, beautiful baby. Smoothie is a supermodel.

2) Kitten Academy

Back to the US now, and this channel is owned by two lovely people who foster pregnant stray cats, look after their kittens, and then find homes for the cat and kittens once they are ready and desexed. There are seven resident cats also (usually known collectively as ‘The Faculty’) who are also gorgeous. They have many past videos of the cats and kittens that have come through their home, and are still fostering. Currently they have a mum cat and three gorgeous kittens who will be going to their new homes soon, and a very pregnant mum cat who should be having seven kittens (apparently) any day now.

1) Tiny Kittens HQ

Saving the best to last, this channel belongs to a rescue organisation in Canada, who specialise in feral cats. They manage a few different cat colonies, and trap cats for desexing and releasing (or rehoming if the cat looks like he/she might be open to being socialised). If the female cats they bring in are pregnant, they will look after them until the kittens are weaned, in which time the kittens will be socialised and ready to be adopted. This channel is a bit different to the others I have mentioned. It’s not all feel good and pretty kitties. The animals they deal with are wild and scared, often sick or injured. Sometimes they don’t make it, and sometimes the kittens don’t make it. They show all of this without editing, for the purpose of education and encouraging the desexing of animals. They want to show that failure to do so ends in unnecessary suffering for the animals. I have the highest admiration for this group, as their work and observations have really educated many on the realities of feral cat populations and how they can best be managed (ie not simply killed.) Their actions have often meant the difference between cats dying outside and in agony, or being treated and saved if possible. They say that these animals are not disposable, and that their lives should matter to us. I cannot recommend this channel highly enough.

So these are my five favourite cat channels on Youtube. Enjoy the kitties!

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