He’s lovely, truly lovely

Old bulldog with squashed in face, plenty of drool, stinky doggy breath

with wagging rump and happy pants pleased to meet me

and get pats and praise

so lovely


Lovely, so lovely,

stray cat in the shelter

battle-scarred and scruffy, face only a mother could love

climbing into my lap, kneading and purring

curls up and goes to sleep

How lovely


Old bloke on his own

beer gut, unshaven, stained singlet

puts seed out for the birds

keeps an eye on the neighbour’s house when they’re away



Disabled girl, can’t survive on her own

low intellect, poor health, considered a burden

smiles and laughs and enjoys the day

points out the birds and the flowers and the world’s tiny wonders

She’s lovely


Homeless guy hasn’t washed for days

Mentally ill woman shouting at nothing

Angry man affecting cynicism to hide the pain

Woman hooked on reality tv (better than life)


Don’t just see, really look

They’re lovely

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