When rain falls

it patters against the trees,

rolling then dripping from leaf’s end

to the earth

it is soft on the grass

barely to be heard

it thunks on the soil

which receives it quickly, leaving little behind

it pelts on roof and pavement

drums and thrums against windows

drips and drizzles from drainpipes

Thunder cracks

here comes the storm


When wind blows

it whirls though treetops

branches creak under its onslaught

and leaves shiver

it sighs through grasses

who whisper and rustle

bending before it’s passage

it wails through man-made echo chambers

most mournfully

roofs creak ominously

over our heads

will our shelter hold?


when the rain stops

and the wind falls

crickets sing

their tiny trills

communicating harmony

birds call each to each

proclaiming their presence

rustle in the shrubs

mean lizards or mice

making theit slow way

in search of a life

we cannot imagine


This is the music of the Earth

the song of the divine

we would do well to cease our own

over-loud noise

and listen

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