At sunset the small boat glides forward

Parting the reeds smoothly

No hurry to arrive

A leisurely journey of peace

The lake glows yellow-orange with the last light

Water laps at the wood

Splashes lightly on hands, on face

Kissing healing into aching limbs

Cleansing from pain, bringing forth health

Trees line the shores, rustling gently

the call of birds echoes over the water

and behind all

snow gleams bright on mountain tips

The journey is the destination

And the sun’s last caress

Promises hope with the dawning


At night, on the lake

I lie in my boat

comfortable and warm

a clear canopy protects me from the elements

and allows me to see

stars competing in the black

against a glowing, golden moon

The water is calm and still

only a gentle lapping against the side of the boat

dark trees rustle in a wind

that blows a faint scent of growth and life

while mountains are a hint

of black on black

against the night sky

I am alone here, and safe

There is nothing here to harm me


My lake lives only in my head

it is my quiet place

One day, maybe

I will find it in this life

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