They throw you out and tell you

with every action and reaction

that you are surplus to requirements

worn out and used up

turned in one moment

from a boon to a burden


Then one day the great news comes

Society has deigned

to take you back

even second-hand parts

can still have use

Rejoice and be glad


and you are glad

but it’s hard to rejoice

because they took your worth

they took your purpose and your heart

and now you don’t know

whether there’s anything left

you’ve learned the lesson too well

worn out and used up


you’re afraid it’s gone

you’re afraid you’re gone

empty and dry

with nothing left to give

uncertain of your former skill

unsure of any intelligence


You feel you’re just a worn out cog

in a soulless machine

and you wonder how long before they realise

they’ve made a mistake

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