If the earth could speak

what stories would she tell

long, slow sagas of formation and reformation

continents separating and joining

drowning in order to rise again

crusts clash along fault lines

and trembles run through her

pressure deep inside

explodes in fiery destruction

wiping the slate clean

and starting anew


If the earth could speak

what songs would she sing

grand operas of green and golden life

forests rolling over mountain and down to valley

grassy pasture trilling with colour

clear rivers sing running arpeggios

down to the rise and fall of the blue-green sea

arias of life moving across the world

feather and fur and skin

dancing the harmony

in endless grace


If the earth could speak

what tears would she cry

poison in her soil and water

dead stumps across barren land

wailing the pain of dry rivers

and dying life

her story will go on to a new chapter

long slow saga

of life after us


The earth is speaking

why won’t we listen

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