Blind in her wants

screaming for approval

unable to compromise

me me me

agree with me, look at me

it’s all about me


Will that be me

when I grow old

will I turn into her

have I already

No one is innocent

we all have faults

do I need to take

the beam from my own eye

to clearly see her speck


I am told I should appreciate her

that I’ll miss her when she’s gone

I don’t know how


She lurches from disaster to disaster

insisting on her righteousness

even while being rescued

Nothing is wrong, she’ll say

I am fine

she takes all you give

complains about her lack

while insisting she doesn’t need help


A force of nature

like a hurricane

she only knows how to destroy

as she was destroyed

the more she loses

the more she lashes out

reflexive action to stay on top

no matter what


I pity her

but love comes hard

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