This is the lucky country

but lucky for who

lucky if you’re born in the right place

affluence and influence

then you can have the right education

make the right contacts

and enter the right employment

work hard and up you go

aren’t you lucky


Lucky that you’ve never

wondered how to pay the bills

lucky that you never had to

forget that education

that costs too much

go into that badly paid job

or no job


Lucky you’ve never

had to wait months for medical treatment

cos you’ve got private health

lucky you’ve never

seen the cold face of government

shrug it’s shoulders and write you off

as too old, too sick, too uneducated

lucky you’ve never

been thrown out of your home

to starve on the streets


Lucky you have the right colour skin

the right family

the right friends

so lucky to be insulated by money

as the climate spirals out of control

lucky, lucky you

to live while others die


But they could be lucky too, you say

it’s their fault they’re not like you

so you’ll keep your luck

and to hell with the rest


Lucky you

feasting and laughing

and watching the world burn

You live in a lucky country

lucky for some


Hell for the rest

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