Great beast with massive maw

gobbled down all he saw

looked around for more to eat

waved his arms and stamped his feet


He’ll eat us! the leaders said

quaking in their boots with dread

but wait a minute. What if we

feed him first, and set him free?


We’ll tell the people he is king

and must be fed. That’s the thing

to use him towards our own might

say everything he does is right


What to feed him? Well, let’s start

by offering a bleeding heart

one of those who talk too much

and carp and criticise, and such


We don’t need the out of work

we don’t want them to go berserk

and start demanding fairness, so

off to feed the beast they’ll go


Disability costs dough

those crippled sods have got to go

We’ll tell the people it will be

great for the economy


Older folks? They’ve had their time

to stay around would be a crime

to feed the beast is duty high

The country asks of them to die


Those ones who came here from elsewhere

are kind of weird. Who will care

if they assuage that hunger strong.

What do you mean, we’ve got it wrong?


More complainers. Send them in

The beast is hungry yet again

while we sit back and smugly gloat

we’ll send the country down its throat.

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