Plastics choking ocean, killing life

chemicals poison soil and water

like children who won’t clean their room

humanity makes the mess bigger

deciding it’s all too hard

the rich would rather have the money

and the rest, who cares what we say

while our children wonder

how long til we choke on our own rot


Have you ever seen a sacred place

great Uluru in central Australia

glorious Chartres cathedral in France

Have you ever seen sights

that ought to be sacred

mountain peaks that gleam with pristine snow

green valleys, clean clear rivers

and people too, the ones who tread lightly

respect the Earth and each other

love and live, simply and with mindfulness


Everything is sacred

nature and art and life

everything is connected

we to the Earth and the Earth to each of us

When we understand that all of creation is holy

then we can save it

Then we can save ourselves


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