When I was small

Letters became words became sentences became

Magic, and mystery, and far away wondrous places


A strange cat in a very tall hat

Taught some lonely children how to have fun

But I don’t think I’d ever have eaten

Green eggs and ham


Discovering poetry in the Hundred Acre Wood

Where a boy and a bear learned about friendship

Rhyme and rhythm were new and marvellous


Playing with ghosts in the house of Green Knowe

Past, present, future, entwined and enmeshed,

Exciting possibilities


I found my way to Middle Earth long since

And walked alongside hobbits and wizards

Into darkness and out at last into the light


And Narnia, blessed Narnia,

Where worlds collide, children fight,

A witch schemes, and a lion leads

For light to triumph


For magic and monsters

Other times and other places

Excitement to be found

Wonder in the words


With love and appreciation to Dr Seuss, AA Milne, Lucy Boston, JRR Tolkien, and CS Lewis. Thank you (and others) for firing my imagination and teaching me the love of poetry and literature.

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