I thought I’d talk about some Youtube channels I think are rather good. In keeping with my site’s theme, they’re a bit of a mixed bunch, so I hope readers find something of interest in the following. I’ve added links to the channels and an example of each. They’re not listed in any order of preference.

The Great War

If you’re a history buff, this is a fantastic channel. The concept is that, starting back in 2014, the creators posted a video every week talking about what happened during the war, week by week on the hundredth anniversary of these events. They also post specials where they go into more depth on various topics, do presentations onsite at places such as Gallipoli, and answer questions from the viewers. The presenter Indy Naidell is knowledgeable and entertaining, and the supporting producers and researchers make this channel very worthwhile. I’ve never previously known more than the basics about World War One, as my history interests tend to be further back, but I have found this endlessly fascinating.

Click on the link below to check it out.



Simon’s Cat

As a long-time cat person (you can see a picture of my two fur kids on my ‘About’ page), I love this channel. If you have a cat, you will enjoy this. Even if you don’t, it’s still a lot of fun. It’s an animated series about a white cat and his human, Simon, and it’s hilarious! The animator owns four cats and bases his stories on the way they behave and the things they do. It’s funny and sweet, it’s beautifully drawn and presented, and it’s guaranteed to make you smile. I urge you to go and watch this.



One hundred years of cinema

This features another great love of mine – film. The channel works through the history of cinema one year at a time, usually referencing a movie the makers feel illustrates the development of film as an art. The channel is currently up to 1939, and it is a great walk through some fantastic old film that will give the dedicated film buff a trip down memory lane. It has the added advantage of introducing films that the younger viewer may not know. If you love cinema and cinematic history, this is worth watching.



The Honest Guys

If you are under stress, under pressure, needing to find a way to relax, meditation may be helpful. If you are anything like me (easily distracted) guided meditation is the way to go. You’ll find a million channels on Youtube offering this, so I’ll tell you why I like this one. I think their meditations are more imaginative than most. The word pictures they paint are very evocative and make it easy to immerse yourself in the visualisation. Also, they do fantasy meditations! For lovers of fantasy, you can find yourself in Middle Earth meeting elves or hobbits, you can visit with fairies or meet a unicorn, enter ancient temples or fly between worlds. I have been following their channel for some years now and I’ve received endless benefit from it. Go watch this channel for a good dose of peace.



Welcome to Night Vale

How can I describe this? It’s a comic podcast that tells the story of a fictitious town called Night Vale where every conspiracy theory and urban legend you can possibly think of is true. Each episode is formatted as a broadcast from the town’s radio station. It is funny, creepy, nonsensical, surreal … completely bonkers. I suspect it’s not for everyone, but hey, try it out. You might hate it, or not get it, but if you like it, it becomes quite addictive.


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