Standing in an empty hall

In front of a tinselled Christmas tree

The meal has been shared

The presents given

But smiles were forced, laughter hollow

Going through the motions

Because he would have wanted it


A week ago he was not yet in the ground

Two weeks ago still walking around

We decorated this tree together

I joked about how he never did it right

And he laughed, enjoying my teasing

Everything was normal, everything was fine

And now, everything has changed


Between one moment and the next

A heart stops, a man drops dead

The funeral horror has come and gone

Followed by a hollow Christmas

And here I stand in an empty hall

In front of a mocking Christmas tree

Is it a merry Christmas in heaven, Dad?

Because all I can do is wonder

What happens now?


(RIP Dad 13/11/29 – 17/12/97. I still miss you).

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