What are you thinking?

Alone in your room

The light that filled this place a moment since

Has gone as if it never was

Where the messenger’s wings brushed the walls

Is only empty space

And all that remains

Are his wonderful, terrible words

That hang in the air, that burn in your heart

Was it a dream?

A foolish, presumptious fancy?

For after all, it couldn’t be

Not you

It should be someone special, surely, someone holy

Anyone, in fact, but you


What are you thinking, Mary

Alone in the night?

How do you rise to this occasion

How do you manage such a responsibility

What if you get it wrong?

Wait … what will Joseph say?

Fear rises, visions of disaster swim before your eyes

Tears fall, shudders rock your frame

You lift your hands and cry

‘I’m frightened! Lord!’


What are you thinking, Mary

Peaceful at last

The Lord of your ancestors doesn’t make mistakes

His angel didn’t get the wrong house

Inadequate? Perhaps, but you have been chosen

And that’s alright

Because the Lord knows what He’s doing

So you kneel, bow your head

And confirm what you told the messenger

‘I am Your servant, My Lord and My God

Your will be done.’



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