Can love ever be a waste?

No! we cry. Of course not!

Love is an absolute good, how can it ever be wasted?

And yet we all remember

gifts of time and care accepted without appreciation

kindness in word and deed sneered at and spat upon

Generosity taken for granted

while the giver, (obviously a soft touch)

is fleeced for more.

Has not our love been poured down the drain

when we encounter this?

Worse, have we, in turn, done this to others?

Uncaring, unseeing, unappreciative.

Yet in spite of all,

I choose to believe

that the love we send out

into an often cold and lonely universe

will grow seeds somehow.

Love is a hardy plant

and carries on in snow, in hail, in drought and famine.

It pokes out and blooms in the cracks in the cement of hardened hearts

And from there, sends out more seeds

Endless pollination of sublime transcendence

God gave each of us the seed

And all He asks

is that we keep planting

Plant His love at Christmas

And wait in hope

for a bountiful harvest.

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