A cold night

Winter’s coming

And it will soon be time to move indoors

But for now, build up the fire

Huddle in cloaks

Almost hoping for a wolf among the flock

Some kind of action

To keep warm


Bethlehem’s fires can be seen in the distance

Dream for a moment of wealthy homes and warm beds

Then shrug it away

The Lord put’s everyone where they’re needed

Priests and shepherds, all have their role

It’s the way of things


A silent night, the sheep drowse, and then

Leap up in terror to see


A flash of lightning that seems frozen in time

The very air hums with the sacred power of God

Glory that takes the breath from the body

Cower in holy fear

At the terrible beauty of the messenger

And hear

What all have longed to hear

Since the dawn of time

The earth thrills

To the hymn of creation

Sung by His angels

At the inception of the Earth

And reprised now

For the inception of the Earth’s salvation

A Son, freely given for all


So come to the place where the world has changed

And pay homage to the King


(I would like to wish all readers and visitors a very merry Christmas. I hope that you have a peaceful and happy time, however you choose to celebrate.)

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